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Five Reasons Your Mom Should Take Up Tai Chi

Elderly Care in Apex NC: 5 Reasons to Take Tai Chi

Have you ever watched a movie and seen scores of people, young and old, in an outdoor setting practicing what looks like slow-motion martial arts? If so, you’ve probably seen tai chi. Tai chi is an ancient practice that comes from China, and it is a form of martial arts. The practice combines slow, deliberate…

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4 Things That Can Affect a Senior’s Ability to Drive

Senior Care in Cary NC: 4 Things That Affect a Senior's Ability to Drive

As your loved one ages, her abilities change. Some of those are directly tied to her ability to keep driving safely. When your senior family member gets to a point that it’s no longer safe for her to drive, it’s essential that she’s able to transition smoothly into other methods of transportation that don’t rely…

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Seniors and the Fear of Falling

Elder Care in Raleigh NC: Fear of Falling

“There is no illusion greater than fear.”—Lao Tzu. For those seniors who have experienced a fall, the fear of falling again feels very real. It, in fact, is so prevalent that those who fall once are twice as likely to fall again as those that have never had this experience. Falling, particularly when one is…

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Four Fun Games That Aid With Memory Retention

Caregiver in Durham NC: Memory Retention Games

Once your mom or dad is diagnosed with some form of dementia, slowing the progression of the disease becomes important. Medications can help, but studies find that games that help with memory retention are also beneficial. Here are four games your mom or dad can play either with a companion or by him/herself. Find It.…

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Is Your Mom’s Diet Keeping Her Up at Night?

Home Care in Raleigh NC: Diet and Sleep Problems

Many seniors find their sleeping patterns change as they get older. Some diseases, however, such as Alzheimer’s, can mess with sleeping patterns and keep seniors up late at night and sleeping well into the morning instead. If your mom’s health is okay and she’s struggling to fall asleep, her diet may be to blame. Here…

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The Link Between Chicken Pox and the Shingles Virus

Elderly Care in Cary NC: Chicken Pox and Shingles

You remember it: the bumps, the burning, and worst of all, the itching! Nothing was worse than the itching – it felt like thousands of mosquito bites all over your body! They never stopped itching, tempting you to spend your whole day scratching them, even though your parents kept telling you to leave them alone.…

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Household Technology That Helps Mom in the Kitchen

Caregiver in Garner NC: Technology to Help Mom in the Kitchen

Aging presents new challenges. One place your mom may feel many of the effects of aging is in the kitchen. Lifting pans, digging into the back of a cupboard, or keeping items stocked properly is hard as memory declines and arthritis sets in. These pieces of technology can help mom feel more confident in the…

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