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Household Technology That Helps Mom in the Kitchen

Caregiver in Garner NC: Technology to Help Mom in the Kitchen

Aging presents new challenges. One place your mom may feel many of the effects of aging is in the kitchen. Lifting pans, digging into the back of a cupboard, or keeping items stocked properly is hard as memory declines and arthritis sets in. These pieces of technology can help mom feel more confident in the…

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Sundowning by Definition

Elder Care in Wake Forest NC: Sundowning

There are people in the world that make it a point to watch every sunset, every day. It reminds them of the simple joys in life. It’s a time of day to relinquish worries and concerns and let the night bring a sense of relaxation and peace to another day that has unfolded. For others,…

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Bringing your Parent Home from the Hospital


If your parent has experienced a recent injury or illness that took them to the hospital, both of you may be concerned about how they will cope when they are back at home. In order to ensure their safety and relieve any fears or insecurities, consider taking these steps before your loved one is released.…

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Is Your Elderly Loved One Fibbing to Her Doctor?


As amazing as it might sounds, some elderly loved ones aren’t completely honest with their doctors. Some are afraid of losing their independence or having to admit that they need more help than they want. As your loved one’s family caregiver, you may have to step in yourself. Talk to Your Loved One Before Her…

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On Tuesday May 23 Tony Rogers, owner/Managing Director of HomeChoice Home Care Solutions, gave a presentation “Alzheimer’s: The Basics”, at Baptist Grove Church in Raleigh. Tony is a volunteer Community Educator with the Alzheimer’s Association Eastern North Carolina Chapter. The presentation was given at a meeting of the church’s Senior Ministry to educate the group…

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Does Your Parent Have an Anxiety Disorder?


Experts once thought that the incidence of anxiety disorders decreased with age. However, more recent information indicates that is not the case. In fact, as many as 15% of older adults suffer from an anxiety disorder. Occasionally feeling anxious does not mean a person has an anxiety disorder—it’s normal to experience anxiety now and then.…

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Helping your Aging Parent Quit Smoking


It can seem overwhelming for an aging parent to consider quitting smoking. They have probably undertaken the goal countless times before only to have gone back to a habit that is certainly hard to break. Motivating factors are important to ensuring success. If they have developed a disease such as COPD or heart disease that…

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